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Yerhot Environmental Solutions, LLC.
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      Since our inception, Yerhot Environmental Solutions (YES) has based its operations around our clients' needs.  Our sole purpose has been to provide professional, accurate and effective Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) protocols and management in a timely manner.  We pride ourselves on our expert staff trained and certified to handle any size IAQ project.  Our staff includes Microbiologists, Certified Mold Remediators and Environmental Consultants.  Through research, experience and continuing education, we have developed the most detailed investigative techniques in the industry.  Before testing begins, a full history of the situation is taken as well as a full building inspection.  We have found that merely testing a property shows and Environmental Consultant only half of the total data.  Finding other sources of IAQ contaminants, understanding the occupants' concerns and thoroughly researching a building leads to accurately accounting for elevate levels of mold spores or other particulates.

      Let YES take the liability away from a mold remediation project.  Having a Microbiologist certified in mold remediation overseeing a project from beginning to end, develop the scope of work or simply test the areas of concern, insures that you are receiving the most precise microbial evaluation available.  Microbial testing reports are available as quick as the same day as the inspection, which allows everyone involved to proceed with the remediation project.  It has been proven that the quicker a project is started and finished, the less likely it is that a larger problem will arise.

     I would like to extend our services to you and assure you that you will receive nothing less than the most qualified, cost efficient, timely and effective consultation.  I would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss any questions you may have or go over any of our procedures with you.  Thank you for your consideration the next time an IAQ question arises.


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